Sunday, September 11, 2005


Yay for me! Of all the ironic, stereotypical places to be ... while I was in the bathroom and wasn't thinking about my novel, I found the answer to get me back on track. I just have to go back, rearrange a couple of things, and add a short chapter of my main character writing a letter to a friend. And that solves all the problems I'm having right now of how to piece some things together. Without giving too much away, it made a bunch of things click into place. So, I should be able to mosey along after this.

I am happy. I can sleep well tonight.

And tomorrow ...


(Someday, I'm going to write an entire novel with smilies.)


Aaron said...

At least you remembered it.... nothing like figuring it all out and then forgetting it when you sit down to write it.

Don Tate II said...

Hey man, cool blog and artwork. I'm going to share it with another blog bud who also enjoys comic book art. Are you doing a graphic novel?

Ray Dillon said...

Aaron - Yeah, I've done that before. I usually keep a pad wherever I go (including in the bathroom! ;o) What's worse is getting the work done, then loosing it. I've done that a few times recently.

Don - Thanks for stopping by, man. Glad you like what you see and thanks for spreading the word. I'm actually working on a few things right now: A graphic novel (written and started illustrating), and two prose, children's novels (writing and will eventually illustrate).

Had to take a break from the GN, because, as I hinted in Aaron's response, I recently saved over a folder that had 12 pages of layouts, so I've been in a bit of depression on that. I'll get restarted on that after I clear of some work.

And, yeah, developing one new prose novel and writing/developing another, which is what I've been yaking about the past week. It sorta took over the other one.

Thanks again for stopping by, guys. I hope you'll stick around for the rest of the journey. ;o)

Betty said...

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