Thursday, September 08, 2005

Chapter 4...

Well, writing is going well today. I'm heading into chapter 4 of my new novel (about 4,000 words in), should be able to make it to chapter 5 today. And, hey, it's only 3pm. Not too shabby. I'm really excited about how it's turning out. Feels really unique. A little confused in some places, and I'm sure that will continue, but that's what editing is for. Kinda scary, actually. Last night before bed I found I had some peculiar anxiety over it; just the enormity of what it's become and how I'm almost not in control of it. Maybe that means it's something big? That'd be nice.

Not ready to say anything about it, but I will give some incredibly cryptic hints along the way, like the inspirational image to the upper left (which I found in a Yahoo image search. I'm just using it for inspiration. Please, don't sue me.) ;o)

And a sentence from the end of chapter three.

Just then, the marble door flashed blue and the most beautiful woman Anna had ever seen walked in.

Haha-haha-ha! That doesn't tell ya anything! But, it's really important! Hee-haha-hahah!

Well, back to writing I go. ;o)

Hssr o gydae! (Making up a language as I go! And, NO, I'm not planning on speaking it in any interviews on CNN. I'm not THAT much of a nerd; the characters just need it, so I give it to them)

Oh, and please let me know how that image shows up in terms of alignment with the text. I can't get the image posting system to work (on a Mac), so I'm trying to code it myself. Looks okay to me, but you never know. Thanks!


anna said...

You mean to tell me that your Anna character isn't the most beautiful woman in the world? Bleh. Think that bit over.

... this isn't a lesbian story, is it?

Ray Dillon said...


Anna is the most beautiful GIRL (she's 12).

And, no, definitely not a lesbian story. It's a kid's book. ;o)

anna said...

oh christ, now I feel dirty.

..must go wash myself..

eDuke said...

Damn, dude... you do everything! Now we get to add writing.

Ray Dillon said...

Ha! Yeah, I try to, anyway. Writing was something I wanted to do from a very early age, even before art. I just got out of it at some point. Hindsight says I didn't have enough confidence in myself for it; it's a very personal thing, where as drawing a person or a building or a monster really wasn't.

But, now I'm fully back in the swing of things and I'm really, really happy about that. ;o)

But, yeah, I just love anything creative. Can't stop myself from doing it. And, really, my goal is just to inspire people to do the same, especially future generations.

Stories and art are such magic to kids. I will work 'till my last breath to capture some of that and pass it on.

I must be tired, I'm getting soap-boxy. ;o)


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