I've taken film set photos and had some photographs in magazines and used on sites. These are all available for license as stock photos for your business, travel brochures, websites, or wherever you require photographs depicting lighthouses, the ocean, flowers, New York, Maine, ships, animals, industrial structures, office manuals, screenwriting, animals, and much more. You can also request certain photos to be taken in Maine and New England, the Atlantic Ocean, and most of the Northeast Coast.

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New Yorker Hotel, NYC

Stone wall, window, boy, military, navy fort

Lighthouse, window, Atlantic ocean, stone bridge, rocks

Boys, brothers at the beach

Snow and giant tree trunk roots
Icicles, forest, winter
Snow and ice
Cracked ice, icy baby, river, pond, lake.
Wheat in snow, grass, pond, lake, shore, beach

Snowy forest, pines, stones, rocks, woods, wilderness
Snow pile bigger than a car, jeep, truck.

Snowy lighthouse
Traveling, driving by snowy, rocky shore, beach 
Fog, snow, forest, winter
One lonely duck and a bunch of seagulls on ice.

Boy unwrapping presents on Christmas morning in an elf costume! 

Messy Eating Crazy Baby

Bullying in school. Teeth. 

Baby running

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