Sunday, February 28, 2010

ARTISTS: Todd McFarlane Bio DVD - HUGE inspiration!

Are you a struggling artists fighting to make something big happen with your life and art? Do you have a family to take care of? Are you a Todd McFarlane / Spawn fan? Do you just like biography DVD's? You gotta see add this to your collection!

I've watched this DVD somewhere between 1 Million and 1 Billion times and it STILL keeps me highly motivated and inspired to keep goin!

Hearing him and his wife tell the stories of when they lived in a trailer, he was working two jobs, and staying up all night at the table. Him sending in 40 submission packets a month before finally getting picked up, and the rise to fame and success. Seeing the roots will be an invaluable asset to anyone struggling to make it!

And seeing how his constant drive and attitude propelled him to success is a big lesson, too. He worked mopping floors, and by cracky, he was the fastest floor mopper ever! Turned it into a challenge!

You also get to see the quirky side and the family side of Todd McFarlane.

It's a fantastic, motivational story and a really well-made DVD. Get this, take the inspiration, and make things happen in your own life! And, please, share the link:


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Artists: You need this book!

Hey, you!

Are you trying to learn perspective and it's super confusing?? Or are you well versed in perspective, but hate how long it takes to set up grids and what a pain it is to plot points 3 feet away from your paper?

This is an absolutely essential book for any form of artist, not just comics. Features PERSPECTIVE SHORTCUTS that will definitely improve and speed up the way you work.

PLUS, it is a GRAPHIC NOVEL! I mean, it's literally all illustrated panels following characters as they discuss perspective. Fun, fast read and you'll understand perspective more than you ever have. Trust me, I read ALL the perspective books! All the complicated, dragging, confusing ones with chapters on just how to make a spiral staircase with perfect measurements. THIS book is what you're looking for.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

VIDEO: Really Short LEGO STAR WARS Stop-Motion Animation w/ my Son!

I was attempting to teach my son, Tycen (7), how to make stop-motion animation with his toys. Super short and silly, but I think he got the idea and we had a lot of fun! Made in, like, 10 minutes, so...

Made with my Blerkberry Dumbphone, FrameByFrame, and iMovie.

We don't own Lego or Star Wars ... you probably needed to know that.

We do, however, own AWESOME!

Monday, February 08, 2010

Drake Asher Dillon is BORN!!

Drake Asher Dillon - Born 2.5.2010

Renae De Liz (Dillon) and I are comic book artists who met at San Diego Comic-Con 5 years later got married there, and just had our first baby.

Not much going on in this video, but it's his first public debut! :o)

Drake means Dragon.
Asher means Happy.
Dillon means Loyal, like a Lion.

D.A.D. were my dad's initials, too. Little tribute.

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