Friday, December 16, 2011

My Art on THE SCIENCE CHANNEL!! "Meteorite Men" & Ridley Scott's "Prophets of Science Fiction"

Can't post a video or art just yet, but currently if you watch "Meteorite Men" you'll see my work. I did the art for the intro. Meteorites crashing, space, Earth, Kansas, the logo, all painted by me and animated by Jared Flynn. It's odd how many episodes are in Kansas. I moved away from Kansas to work on a show set in Kansas. :D


And what I'm working on now is Ridley Scott's "Prophets of Science Fiction" where my comic book style art is animated. Currently doing the Isaac Asimov episode so expect to see some robots. Future episodes: George Lucas, Gene Roddenberry, and more!

Thanks for checking it out!

How did this happen? Well, one day I was driving down a calm street in South Portland, Maine and saw a couple of guys with a camera. I used to be one of those guys running around with my friends with a camera, and I didn't know anyone in Maine yet, so I decided to stop and say hi and see what they were working on. They pointed at the little brick building across the street and said they work for Lone Wolf Documentary Group. I went into the building and saw posters for shows I'd watched on Science, History, Nova, Discovery and more! So, I chatted with them, let them know what I do, and said if any opportunities came up for art, let me know. They said they were definitely interested and that some of their programs were going to have motion comic style stuff because that was starting to be a trend on those types of shows. So, after a couple of years chatting back and forth and working on some small things that didn't come to fruition, they asked me to do Meteorite Men and right after that, the producer for Lone Wolf moved to LA and started working for Science Channel. He remembered my work and asked me to do Prophets of Science Fiction.

What's my point? What I learned from this reinforced something I've always felt. Opportunity can be ANYWHERE, so never shy away from it and always keep an eye open! Also, stick with something even if nothing is happening YET. Plant the seeds and a tree might just grow from it later. Who knows where THIS could lead me now!