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Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Michael Clarke Duncan - Green Mile - Painting by Ray Dillon

Michael Clarke Duncan - Green Mile - By Ray Dillon
So sad to hear that this powerful actor passed away. His performance in Green Mile shocked me and then seeing what a sweet, happy, and funny guy he was outside of that haunting movie was just amazing. Always had a huge smile on his face. Just seemed like a great person. I had read the serialized books as they came out and had an image of John Coffee in my head. Michael Clarke Duncan blew what my imagination had created out of the water. I sat down to do a warm up and this poured out of me in about 30 minutes looking at a screenshot from the movie. Guess I needed to work through it and pay tribute to such an important actor. He will be missed.

Saturday, September 01, 2012

My Art from Ridley Scott's "Prophets of Science Fiction" Isaac Asimov & George Lucas! SCIENCE CHANNEL

Got my copies! Will get the animated work posted to YouTube.com/RayDillon soon!
All frames were layered and separated to be animated with fx added. Subscribe to My YouTube Channel to see the animated work as soon as I get it uploaded!

Robbie the Robot

From the story "Runaround"

From the story "Naked Sun"
From the story "Reason"

From the story "The Last Question"

George Lucas pitching "The Star Wars" to uninterested producers. Dummies.

Star Wars Concept Artist Ralph McQuarrie. Honored to draw him. He passed away shortly after. :(

George Lucas' imagination while pitching. Trying to get the producers to see.

George Lucas' imagination while pitching. Trying to get the producers to see.

"These are not the droids you are looking for."
Young George Lucas driving late one night...
George Lucas was in a terrible car accident when he was a teenager.