Wednesday, September 07, 2005

A Day in the Life ...

My schedule tends to change throughout the year, but lately, it's been kinda weird (in a good way). I've gotten pretty lax on things (in my opinion), which is quite different from the 20 hour a day, seven days a week work schedule I kept up for the first few years of my career.

. I get up around 8-9am (on my own; no irritating alarm, generally around 6-8 hours, depending on what time I went to bed). I've decided (and been adviced) that sleep is a very good thing for health. So, I'm trying not to sacrifice that when I can. But, if I could remain healthy and rested and never sleep a wink, I would do so ecstatically.

. I check email and play around on the internet for about 30 minutes, then get breakfast (it's a good habit when trying to stay fit to wait on breakfast, but not too long). Web stuff a little while longer while I eat.

. I write until I can't any longer, or until the day starts wearing on (which is usually the case since once I get started writing, unless it's late and I'm exhausted, it's hard to stop. Writing in the beginning of the day is good for me, because my brain works more better. ;o) If I'm tired, my brain starts to shut down.

. I eat small meals about every two hours. So, mix that up in the rest of this.

. After that, if it's still early, I draw until about 4pm. If I have any business work to be done, that's the time. If it's already 4pm ...

. I jog for about 45 minutes, then do my weight workout for about an hour and a half. Eat my protein shake. Check a little email. Take a quick shower.

. When I get out, it's time for NUDE lettering and design, if it needs to be done. (Kidding about the nude part, but often in a bathrobe). It doesn't take as much out of me as writing and drawing does. If not, I go back to drawing/coloring/etc. on whatever is due the soonest. And pretty much work until 10 or midnight, depending on what kind of role I'm on.

. When I start getting too tired to focus, I check some more email, get ready for bed, and do some reading and/or watch Family Guy and Futurama. ;o)

It's all gotten very organic, instead of the stressful rush of previous years. And the writing has really helped me to relax. Plus, I still get a ton of work done. And occasionally, I'll even take a day or two "off" (the work never really stops, but it can feel like a good break) and just hang out. Weekends I keep pretty open to recharge me for the coming week. After all, you can't create art based on life, if you don't live it. And 20 hours a day in my cave isn't living it. I definitely avoid the bar scene, though. That's just silly.

Of course, this all changes drastically when deadlines are really serious, or when I'm travelling. Then, it's all-nighters left and right, non-stop work in and out of the little bit of sleep I get, and stress, stress, stress. Maybe that's why I've finally learned to balance it. For most of the month, I let myself relax and enjoy the hours I put into work. Though, with some of the projects on the horizon, I'm not sure how long this will last.

Well, my web time is up and this has been a nice little warm-up to get to writing, so I'll catch you on the flipside.


anna said...

mm... that sounds delightful.
"one day, one day," she mused wistfully.

Ray Dillon said...

How very bizarre the world is. Guess what my main characters name in the new book?



Thanks for posting!

anna said...

I must warn you doll, the name Anna comes with a stigma. Well... at least for those of us who carry the name. Best of luck with the new book.

Ray Dillon said...

I hadn't heard that. Hmm ... I'd be very curious to learn why that is. I think it's a lovely name. A delightful palindrome if I ever did see one. ;o)

Thanks for the luck. Right back at ya.

anna said...

Ha, I saw your comment on my little blog. By all means, contact me whenever you wish. I'll try not to consider you creepy. :)

Ray Dillon said...

You're gonna try not to consider me creepy. Wow. That's the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me.

Aw, thanks! ;o)

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