Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Chapter 16!!

Gate Hey, alright! Made it to Chapter 16 today (been writing everyday, but I figure I'd only yak about where I'm at every four chapters or so). That's about 15,600 words in. It's shaping up quite nicely and moving along smoothly. If I'm half as original as I think I am, I might have something special here. ;o) Hooves crossed.

It's funny how sometimes something huge can take place in just a few sentences or words. I was in the middle of a huge, exciting scene today, then scrolled back up and realized it was only a paragraph. 'But, it seemed so BIG!,' I thought. It sort of jolted me to realize that. Reminded me of something the director of the new movie version of "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe" said at the San Diego Comic Con. He talked about reading the battle between the Narnians and the White Witch's minions, and how massive that seemed, and really, it's only a page long. Also makes me think of "The Never-Ending Story," because I was totally into the story, feeling it as really happening, then saw a few words on the screen and was brought back to reality. Kinda cool ... kinda sad. ;o)

I have jury duty tomorrow morning. This will be about the fourth time I've been served, and (if they don't cancel tonight), the second time I've actually had to go. Last time, I went into it as an eager writer, thinking I'd pick up life experience and material for stories, and maybe I did (though I haven't found it yet), but all that happened was, they gave me a ten dollar bill, sat me down, and had me wait for like five hours while nothing happened. Horrible waste of time. This time, I'm a little less eager ... unless they started paying better. Definitely going to screw up my day. So, I'm glad I did a bit extra today.

But, I did have to cancel an appointment with my accountant and that's kind of a pain, because that was the only time either of us could do it this week. So, next week, I guess. But, that's all boring stuff.

Hey, did you read that Stephen King is going to be writing some Marvel Comics. That makes my millenium.

Dig that abstract hint to my novel. Lips are sealed. ;o)


Becky said...

Hooves huh? :) So hope tomorrow doesn't end up being a waste of time. Glad to hear the novel is coming along so well. How many chapters do you think it will end up with?

Ray Dillon said...

Hey, turns out they canceled it. YAY!!

I think it'll end up with a crapload of chapters, actually. I'm guessing it'll be 50,000 words, and I'm averaging a chapter every thousand words.

I don't know if an editor will take issue with that or not. That does seem like a lot of chapters (not necessarily a lot of chapter breaks, but might look a little excessive in an index).

Hmm ...

Eh, I just picked up a Dean Koontz book (The Voice of the Night) and it has 43 chapters. That book is another example of the fast paced story and short chapters that I like so well.

eDuke said...

I never thought we'd see Stephen King writing comics. I seem to remember a loooong time ago he went on record stating he had 'no interest' -- glad he changed his mind!

Ray Dillon said...

I know, man. That is seriously something I always hoped would happen. Now, the next goal in life is to work with him. I must work with this man someday!!! I MUST!!!

Sabrina said...

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