Tuesday, September 06, 2005

My inspiration for today!

And this is what got me over my writer's block (both in inspiration for getting it done and a bit for the world that this story takes place in):

I am absolutely amazed, not by her work, though it's very good, but just her example. She was first picked up when she was 14. And she had already started several novels from first grade on.

She's continued a steady stream of books since then and is now attending college. She just IS a writer and always has been. It's in her being.

Anyway, I discovered her first book, and liked it, read her second and third and saw big improvements with each one. Now, she's on her 7th book!! I need to get caught up. Regardless of what her books are about, it's a great learning experience to see the growth in her work.

And her new website has great advice for writers:

Amelia Atwater Rhodes website

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Kellie said...

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