Ray Dillon -


Summary: 18+ years of experience working as a full-time freelance artist and designer in comics, film, gaming, trading cards and other related fields.

Goal: To fully produce monthly comics for Marvel & DC (pencils, inks, colors, &letters). I've done full production at IDW Publishing and others, and have inked/colored/lettered for Marvel, DC, Vertigo, IDW, Image, Archie, and others.

Goal: To write and illustrate my own comics & graphic novels. Working on that now, just need a publisher.

Histories & Lore - Comic book style art to be animated on season 2 blu ray

Ridley Scott's Prophets of Science Fiction - Comic book style art to be animated. Ep. Isaac Asimov & George Lucas.
Meteorite Men - Comic book style painted animated for intro. Crashing meteorites, space, & logo.

No Strings Attached - Full production comic book art

TBA Full production comic book art for George RR Martin

Peter Pan: The Graphic Novel - Ink, Color, Letter, Design over my wife's pencils. $64,000 on Kickstarter. Publisher to be announced.
Lady Powerpunch - © Renae De Liz. Ink, Color, Letter, Design, over my wife's pencils. Publisher to be announced.
- Last Days with Granma - © Ray Dillon. OGN, Semi-Autobiographical Horror Fiction. Info to come...

IDW Publishing
- Mircronauts - Cover Art
- Rom - Cover Art
- Borderlands 2 : Origins - Cover Art; Illustrated - Video game comic
Mars Attacks the IDW Universe! POPEYE / KISS / TRANSFORMERS / THE REAL GHOSTBUSTERS / ZOMBIES vs. ROBOTS - Cover Art / Painted; 5 covers in series
StarMage #1 - Pencil/ink/color/letter
Joe Palooka MMA Comic - Cover Art/Painted
All Ghouls School GN - Pencils & Inks on 17 pages
Anne Rice's Servant of the Bones #1-6 Inks/Colors
The Last Unicorn #1-6 Inks/Colors *NYTimes Best-Seller!*
RogueAngel #1-5 Inks/Colors
Jennifer Love Hewitt's Music Box #3-4 Inks/Colors
GI Joe #4: Nuclear Standoff Colors fill-in for Hi-Fi
Transformers Vol.2 #8 Colors fill-in for Hi-Fi

Asylum - Comic book letters
- Tales for a Halloween Night Vol.1-3- Full production art on several stories.

- "PIKOI: THE RAT KILLER" - Pencils, Inks, Colors, Letters
- "SIRENA" - Pencils, Inks, Colors, Letters
- "BATTLE BETWEEN TWO CHIEFS" - Pencils, Inks, Colors, Letters
- "THE KING WHO ATE MEN" - Inks, Colors

TBA - Pencils, Inks, Colors

DC Comics
- The Legend of Wonder Woman Vol. 1 - (Eisner Nominated) Ink, Color, Letter, Design. Began production on The Legend of Wonder Woman Vol.2 (Canceled). Also co-developed The Legend of the Amazons, The Legend of Aquaman, The Legend of Green Lantern, etc. A whole line of all ages accessible books.
- Wonder Woman 75th Anniversary Special - Irena Sendler, holocaust hero story.
- Flintstones - As yet unreleased Cover
- Brightest Day #13 Colors, for Peter Steigerwald
Blackest Night: Teen Titans #3 Colors, for Hi-Fi
Booster Gold #37 Colors, for Hi-Fi
Fables: Fairest In All the Land Inks & Colors (Vertigo)

Marvel Heroes: Heroes vs. The Fury Colors, for Hi-Fi
Enslaved; Namco/Marvel, Video Game comic, inks
 Ironman: Verizon special Inks for SotoColor
- Inks and Colors on several projects for Hi-Fi and SotoColor Studios. Titles to come.

Sonic the Hedgehog #215-216 (Silver "Future Tense" back story) Colors
Sonic the Hedgehog #220 (back story) Colors
Sonic Universe #25-28 Colors 
- Spot Art for various
Bettie & Veronica - Beauty & the Beast Cover Inks & Colors
Archie - Battle of the Bands Cover Inks & Colors

IMAGE Comics
J. Michael Straczynski's "Protectors, Inc." Cover, inks, colors over Renae De Liz
J. Michael Straczynski's "Dream Police" Cover, inks, colors over Renae De Liz
Noble Causes Vol. 2 #1-25, Noble Causes Vol. 1 #1-5, NC: Distant Relatives #1-4, NC: Family Secrets #1-4, NC: Extended Family 80 pg. Anthology Vol. 1 & 2, NC Trade Paperbacks Vol. 1-5 Letters/Design;
Dodges Bullets 80 pg. One-shot. Letters/Design
Venture #1-4 Letters/Design, Digital inking #2
Phantom Jack #1-5. Letters/Design
The Pact #2 Colors
Fear Agent Colors back story.
Nightmare World Vol. 1 & 2 Inks/Colors various

FILM & TV Art and Animation
- Upcoming Film Festival intro animation and assets (2018)
- YouTube Horror Story series featuring my painted art throughout.
- Unlocked: The World of Video Games Revealed - 2016 Cover/Poster painting featuring all of the stars: Sean Astin, Tom Arnold, Michael Rooker, Penn Jillete, Zelda Williams, Meghan Camarena, Matt Walsh, Allison Haislip, Kevin Smith, Jason Mewes, Tony Hawk, and the one and only, William Shatner. Also used in video graphics, transitions, etc for the show.
- The Brass Teapot Magnolia Pictures; Opening Credits Art/Animation in Theaters 2013
Game of Thrones HBO; Histories & Lore special features Art/Animation
Ridley Scott's Prophets of Science Fiction The Science Channel; Animated art sequences
Meteorite Men The Science Channel; Opening Title Artist
Let Me Fall Music Video For the band Keep You Honest; Artist
The Corrupted Scary Bits Films; Concept artist
Something's Wrong in Kansas; Concept Artist
- Boring, OR Roll 20 Productions; Opening Title Artist
- Peter Pan: The Graphic Novel Video Trailer animation, fx, and editing.
- The Legend of Wonder Woman Video Trailer - Animation, fx, and editing
- Lady Powerpunch Video Trailer - Animation, fx, editing.

- Phantasmal - Cover/Poster Art. PC Game.
- Koi Dash - App game level and character art. 
- Enslaved; Namco/Marvel, Video Game comic, inks
Supernatural MySpace Games; paintings
Mechanised MySpace Games; paintings
Wild Isle Online Game Poster illustration
World of Lycarnia RPG Book Cover
Borderlands 2: Origins Cover Art/Comic/Art of Book

Joe Hill's Strange Weather - Interior illustrations with Renae De Liz
- Scott Sigler - Multiple novel covers.
- Master Digital Color Hi-Fi/Impact; Illustration "The Shen" My superhero team
Shotgun Honey: Both Barrels Painted cover for noir prose anthology
Cemetery Dance Publishing - Painted cover for the magazine. - Joe Hill's "Strange Weather" special edition cover.
- The Angels by Rio Youers - Novel Cover Painting and interior illustrations.
The Man that Time Forgot Novel Cover Painting
- The Stollen Tomorrow: The Man That Time Forgot Book 2 - Novel Cover Painting
- Damaged Good by James McCormick - Novel Cover Painting
- Service Blues: Damaged Good Book 2 - Novel Cover Painting
- Forever Six: Damaged Good Book 3 - Novel Cover Painting

 Marvel: Avengers (Rittenhouse)
- Lord of the Rings: Masterpieces (Topps, New Line Cinema)
- Wizard of Oz (Breygent, Warner Bros.)
- Lord of the Rings: Evolution (TOPPS, New Line Cinema)
- Shrek the Third (Inkworks/Dreamworks) 
- Classic Sci-Fi Horror Movie Poster (Breygent)

- Hashtag Comics - Full production cover art on entire line of books.
- The Threat - Stratum Comics- Pencils, inks, and cover art. 9 issues. (In production)
- Red Sonja - Cover art with Renae De Liz
TRDWTR 110 pg. graphic novel; Fully painted art.
- Silicon Dragon 180 pg. graphic novel; Full Art.
- TURTLES: Dawn of the Ninja 60 pg. graphic novel; Fully painted art.
Monsterwood Pencil, Ink, Greyscale, Letter.
Brass Teapot Full Art - Now a Major Motion Picture
- Demeter & Persephone and Jason and the Golden Fleece Lerner Publishing GNs; Colors
- Perhapanauts pin-up (Dark Horse); Colors
Ted Noodleman "Detective's Grimm" (Alias); Full Art
Awakenings #1-5 (8th Day Studios)
- Touch of Death #0-3, Pencils/Inks/Letters – Rose from the Ashes #1-3 (Brain Scan Studios)
- Techne VI #1 Pencils
- Savior #1 Pencils, Cover Art - Creator-owned
- The Manitou #1-3 Pencils 
- Digital Webbing Presents (Where it all started!!) Penciling, Inking, Lettering-#1: “To Be a Good Father”, #2 “Voices in the Tunnel”, #4 “Pep Talk”, #5 “I Scream, You Scream!”; Coloring: #6 Franchesco! Variant Cover.

 - Completed five novels, two graphic novel, and many short stories in comics, prose, and film; Continuing to expand my portfolio of written works while looking for a publisher.

- Phoenix Horror & Sci-fi Film Festival - Brian Pulido fest director, GGS sponsors.
- There's Something Out There - Brian Pulido . Eternal Entertainment, LLC - Brian Pulido . 
-Golden Goat Studios - versions 1 and 2 . 
- Nightmare World - Online horror comic anthology . 
- Monkeyboy - Bizarre online adventure series
- Brent Engstrom - Portfolio site
- Jeremy K. Fiest - Portfolio site 

 My IMDB Listing:
- 2013-  The Brass Teapot / Magnolia Pictures - Opening Credits Art/Animation
- 2011-  Ridley Scott's Prophets of Science Fiction - Animated comic book sequence artist
- 2011-  Meteorite Men - Animated intro sequence artist. Logo artist.
- 2010- "Let Me Fall" Band: Keep You Honest - Music Video - Artist
- 2010- "Nephilim" Colorist
- 2009- "The Corrupted"  - Scary Bits Films UK - Concept Artist
- 2007- "Common"- Feature Film- Unit Production Manager - Tornado Alley Productions
- 2005-“Journey into the Unknown” – Behind the Scenes Documentary of The Weinstein Co. film "Unknown." Camera Operator. IMDB listing.
- 2005-“Something's Wrong in Kansas” – 35mm feature Concept art, behind the scenes photography and filming, website, misc. crew. IMDB listing . Website .
- 2004- "There's Something Out There" - Eternal Entertainment - Designer
- 2003-Current – Golden Goat Studios, Inc. Producer, Director, Camera and Glidecam Operator, Storyboards, Editor, Titles/Credits Graphics, Post-production: “So, Why Did You Kill My Teacher, Then?” (20 Mn. Comedy; DV), “La Conversation” (Short Comedy; DV), “Man in the Mirror” (Short Drama; DV), “An End’s Beginning” (Short Drama; DV), "The Sight of Blood" (Short Thriller; DV), "The Settling" (Short Western; DV)
- 2003-“The Great Bend” – Steger Productions Assists: Set Dressing, Art Dept. Supplies/Props, P.A., Driving, Lighting, Gripping. (Short Drama; 35mm Film) 
- 2003-“Boring, OR”-Roll Twenty Productions Opening titles animation illustrations.

-2002-“Boy Scouts Without Honor or Humanity” – Digital Feature Storyboards, Grip, Creative Consultant