Sunday, November 13, 2005


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This week's Illustration Friday prompt was "Strength."

* EDIT: I forgot to mention that this superhero's power is being super-strong, but having one arm (his left, the huge one) that's super-duper-strong! Hence the reason why it's so larger. Not sure what I'd call him, but there ya have it. * ;o)

The first thing I think of is muscle-bound superheroes, because of my work, but that's too easy. What I really relate strength too is my Dad. Probably everyone when they're young thinks of their Dad as being the strongest superhero there is. So, a superhero changing a diaper. Way more difficult than fighting supervillains. ;o)

Well, I still think of my Dad as the strongest superhero there is. My dad has been through 63 years of hard life, working for 50, Vietnam, two kids, and a heck of a lot more. Now, he's retired and still, every morning at 3am, he gets up and walks a 150-customer paper route which amounts to around 8 miles of walking. Then, he heads back home and cooks breakfast for Mom.

I aspire to be be even half the man he is.

My dad:

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I swear, that photo is not at all doctored. He really did catch the Big Fish last year. It's an extreme angle, but what you see is what he got. You can see more pictures here.

Now, I really need to get back to writing. I'm currently on 14,300 words for my NaNoWriMo novel, when I should be at 24,000. Eep!

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Cheri said...

I really like the illo... so true (I chose a Dad subject also!).

Your Dad sounds like a great man! But that's a gross fish :)

Tiffy said...

this is very funny, it does takes a lot of strength to do this job.

Rob said...

Liking the strength piece and the photo. Still, I'm a little miffed my personal why am i so alone blog doesn't warrant a link. After all, we're mypace friends. And I'm half goat...

Catnapping said...

illustration's hilarious. and i really liked what you shared about your own dad.

dat's a big fish!

Ray Dillon said...

Cheri - Thanks! I like your piece a LOT. My dad is great and that was a gross fish. ;o)

Tiffany - Thank you for the comments. I've changed many diapers, but never one from my own child. I can't wait. Yeah, that's right. I can't wait to change a stinky diaper. I know how dumb that sounds. ;o)

Rob! - Hey, man! Thanks for finding me on here. I'll definitely link you. What's the URL of that blog?

Catnapping - Thanks! Glad you liked it. Loved the family tree piece. Great colors!

Side note: Just about to the 16,000 word mark. Going faster than I expected, but I'm still a long ways off. Back to work! ;o)

Ellen said...

So inspiring! As a Nonny of a 2 1/2 year old boy I can attest to the "packages" he leaves after his visits!!!LOL, great job!

Tony Sarrecchia said...

Great illo. Thanks for scoring one for the dads.

Toni said...

your illo is fantastic. Reminds me when my oldest was a baby and i had just changed his diaper when Daddy came walking in with bare feet and didn't watch where he was stepping.
Well you can imagine the rest.
and how wonderful your memories of your Dad.
and he fixes your Mom breakfast. WOW!

Rob said...

Becky said...

Cool that you tribute dads. I actually saw your dad at the store this week. He has some really red hair! :)

Valaine said...

I love your work!

I can't believe that fish is real! That's a big fish! I love that movie. Its nice to read that you look up to your dad.

Anonymous said...

Hhheee is that the super power of YOUR diaper? Really well done drawing!! I've never had the strength to keep all my BIG fish that got away - WOW your Dad did! :)

Holly said...

Wow! I really enjoyed this post. I say high kudos for your
Dad. He is a super hero alright. He looks pretty proud of that fish. Your illo made me laugh to bits. Excellent.

hartini said...

I love your superhero drawing!!! :D Very mighty! :)

carla said...

What a lovely written tribute to your father and a really funny illustration. It took me a moment to realize what he was doing and then I let a a huge laugh! Excellent!

Ray Dillon said...

Whoa. Buncha commments. Yay! ;o)

ellen - Thanks, congratulations, and good luck! ;o)

tony - Thank you, sir. I take it you are a dad. Well, congrats.

toni kelly - HAH! That's a great story! And, yep. Breakfast every morning. Because of a stroke, she's paralyzed on her left side (which was the side she used), and seeing the care he takes with her is great. They've been married for 30-some years.

Rob - Cool, man. I'll get ya added.

Becky - HA, Cool. People are always seeing him out and about. Thankfully my hair didn't end up as red, or as ... missing as his. ;o)

Valaine - Thanks! Yep, that's real. I had the same reaction when he caught it. And, yeah, the first thing I thought of was the movie "Big Fish." Looked just like it. I didn't think fish could get anywhere near that large. Pretty amazing.

anonymous - Yes, it is. He's got some stories about my babyhood stinkers. ;o) I've never been much for fishing (once I got a hook stuck in my head, another time I landed on thorns, anotherI fell in), but I think next season, I'll have to make some time to go with him.

holly - Thank you for the words and dadly kudos. I appreciate it.

hartini - Thanks!! Oh, and I added a little update about that.

Carla - Ha, snuck up on ya, huh? ;o)

Well, thank you everyone for the feedback. That's what I love about Illustration Friday and havin' a blog.

I gotta get back to writing, but I'll eventually get around to each of your blogs and check out your illos.



LDahl said...

EWWWwweeee! Stinky drippy pooh!
Cool illo! :))) Nasty Strong Man...
great job get back to writing:)) Cheering for you!

Where did your dad get the channel cat and how long did it take for him to get it in? It's a monster, I bet he is really really proud of that one!
It is like Big fish! I need to see that one again, the dad character was so touching!

Ray Dillon said...

Thank you, milady. ;o)

I believe he got it at Lakewood, but I'll check on that. That was a pretty proud day for my poppa. ;o)

Ella McVilly said...

I'm impress to see your post . it's awesome .