Monday, November 14, 2005

Lions, Homers, and Bats. Oh, My!

Yeah, I know. People use that phrase all the time and think they're soo clever. Well, me too. ;o)

Here are some new ones from the online drawing site (In order from newest to oldest):

Being limited is helping me think more like a painter, methinks. I can't just create a new layer and get the perfect color, I have to built from the back to the front. It's really a blast. You should try it!

On a writing note, I'm at 17,200 words as of last night. Not where I wanted to be--which was 24,000--but I'm going to take today to write and ... I guess I'll be skipping my workouts this week, too. I hate doing that, but with my project deadlines and this novel, I might just have to.

Grammar note: its is possessive and it's is a conjunction. So, the jackel captures its prey just before it's dark. What's that? You already knew that and I'm a big dumby. Well ...

Thanks for stopping by!! Have a great day. ;o)


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Lara Pisano said...

Great job guys .