Wednesday, November 16, 2005

KONG and SUPES and more...

Don't worry, I haven't become so obsessed with 10Eastern that I've quit all my jobs to play on there. Not yet, anyway. ;o)

. I've just about finished the fifth Noble Causes collected edition.

. I made it to 20,000 words last night on my NaNoWriMo novel. Still behind where I want to be, but gaining.

. I'm workin' slowly-but-surely on a short story written and illustrated by "yours truly" (what a strange expression).

. I had dinner in Abilene, KS last night with Phantom Jack writer/creator, Mike San Giacomo. That was a fun meeting in a quaint farmhouse resturant. He happened to be in Kansas for a newspaper story about a soldier here.

. Oh, and last week, I forgot to mention, I saw the watermelon-smashing comedian, Gallagher, at the Stiefle Theater here in Salina. I yak more about that here.

. And, I went to the Garden of Eden museum in Lucas, KS. That was some creepy stuff. I yak more about that here

Now, I'm going to jump into some coloring. Later, I think I'll actually have time for some writing. I hope so.

Have a great day!



eDuke said...

Speaking of Kong, did you know I almost published a Kong one-shot? :D

YildirayCinar said...

great work,Ray.I'll be watching your stuff here.

Ray Dillon said...

Ed - A Kong one-shot?!?!?!?! That would rule! Man, I wish that would have happened. If it miraculously resurfaces, I think I know of an artist that would be interested... ;o)

Yildiray - Hey, man! Thanks for stopping by. I'll be keeping track of yours, too. In fact, I think I'll do a little linkage on the right. Keep up the great work!

Alannah Brient said...

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