Sunday, September 18, 2005

Finished the Escape!

Click for larger version

Okay, got it done. Man, I'm a slow painter. ;o) Maybe not compared to other painters, I don't know, but compared to other techniques I use, it takes forever. Contour lines just speed things up sooo much.

I think for future Illustration Friday entries, I'll have to go with sketches and whatnot. I can't NOT finish a piece like this, but I can't really devote this much time to extra, just-for-fun projects.

Let me know what you think!


JacqueLynn said...

I love it, the highlights, the pose, the background filled with the things he's thinking about drawing. I really like your style.

james mathias said...


Great Finished peice!

F-ing top notch!

Anonymous said...

Lovely illustration! Beautiful colors and not to mention an adorable subject.

Ray Dillon said...

Thanks, everyone! Really glad you like it. It was a very fun piece to do.

anna said...

Funny, though I knew the stuff around him were things he was drawing, I also got the impression they were drawn on his wall.

Yay debaucherous art!

isay said...

very well done. i like it so much!

Ray Dillon said...

Anna, you're silly. ;o)

isay, thank you!! You're entries were really cool, too.

Seth Russell said...

Great illustration this week, Your work is top notch, Thanks for you comments on my blog, I appreciate it. Keep up the fantastic work.

Ray Dillon said...

Thank you, Seth! I appreciate the feedback. And thanks for tracking me back here. ;o)

Anonymous said...

this is a great illustration for the topic, and just great period. i thought it was an acrylic painting until i read your comments. i dying to try this too now that i know this can be done with photoshop. thanks

Don Tate II said...

Very nice. Are you doing this digitally? How to, how to?

Don Tate II said...

Oops, I just discovered your how to. Thanks!

Ray Dillon said...

Anthony - Thank you very much, man. Yeah, definitely give digital painting a try if you have a Wacom tablet. You'll be amazed at the possibilities.

Don - Hey, there! Yep. Digital. ;o) Speaking of How-to, I'm going to have to give that really in-depth post of yours a read tomorrow. That's great!! I have a feeling I'm going to learn a LOT!

Anonymous said...

This looks very good, and I like your idea.

Scott NYC said...

Beautifully done, fun, filled with charm.

Roz said...

Oh I love this concept. Great illustration as well!

Sally said...

It's very good! As coloring is an escape for children, so it is for us as adults, too.

I'm originally from Manhattan, KS, so it's nice to "meet" a fellow Kansan.

Jaimie said...

enchanting and fun. you are very skilled

Ray Dillon said...

Wow! Thanks, everyone. I appreciate the feedback.

wynlyn - I checked out your site. Fantastic work! I love your style. I like the way your website is set up, too. Coloring pages are a great idea!

scott - You have a very unique vision with your work. Thanks for stopping by!

roz - Your work is fantastic. Makes me want to get some felt out and try something new. In fact, that's sorta the style I started out with when I was a kid. I'd spend hours cutting out characters and designing worlds with colored paper. I really miss doing that. I remember doing spooky night scenes and firetrucks (really got in there with the details. You've brought back some great memories!! Thank you. ;o)

sally - Hey, a fellow Kansan!! ;o) Thanks for posting. Yeah, I get to spend all day escaping (drawing, writing, etc.) Which is probably why I'm able to still live in Kansas and not go bonkers. ;o)

Jamie - Thank you. Again, your piece was really powerful. I appreciate you tracking me back here and posting.

Thanks, again, everyone for all the great feedback!!

rubio2d said...

Great work!
It looks non digital at all!
(really photoshop?) It looks like oil!
Great idea: escape=creation.
Love the textures and the back sketches.
Nice and beautiful work!

Ray Dillon said...

Thank you.
I'm glad.
(Yep, Photoshop). Yay!


I appreciate you stopping by, rubio. Feel free to do so anytime.

anna said...

jebus christ, Ray... you need a fan club with all these comments. Oh! Can I be prez?! I'll make clever buttons... and who can resist those?

Ray Dillon said...

Ha! Thanks, Anna. Sure, you can be the prez. ;o)

Aravis said...

This is a wonderful illustration! It captures so well how childhood imagination takes flight.

kg said...

ooh, i'm so glad you posted the finished version. it's awesome, and it's hard to believe you didn't paint this with "real" paint!

THIS is what i wish kids these days were doing instead of mindlessly sitting in front of the tv all the time...

Ray Dillon said...

Aravis, KG, thank you so much for the kind words.

Yeah, kids nowadays are getting distracted by TV and video games earlier and earlier, which I'm not against, because I'd be a hypocrit if I was -- I was a tv and video game junky, but I also nuts about books, school, drawing, and creating.

I know most kids won't want to read or draw or anything creative after they get into tv and video games. I can remember being a kid and arguing with other kids who would say, "I don't like to read." or draw or whatever. I couldn't understand that and still don't.

So, hopefully in my career, I can inspire a few more kids to continue reading and learning and creating.

Anywho, went off on a rant there. ;o)

Thank you very much for the kind words.

Cecilia's Art said...

hi! i was visiting blogs and i´ve found yours, it´s nice, i like your drawing a lot, u have to do more!!did u do this? they are really good, i´ll be back, good luck, kisses,cecily.

Ray Dillon said...

Thanks! Yep, I did it. Painted in photoshop.

I like your work, too. Looking forward to seeing more.

Thanks for stopping by, the kind words, and for the kisses. ;o)

Sarah said...

This is fabulous as a finished piece, Ray. You've done a fantastic job with the paint.. and oodles more patience than me, I take days to finish a properly painted piece, even digital. I really liked the sketches in the background and wondered if it might be over-worked when you finished. But you've captured the joy that kids scribble with perfectly.

Really,Really, top notch work. :)

Sabrina said...

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