Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Wrote myself into or out of a corner?

So, there's this short story I've been working on titled "The Tourist," which was for my local writing group. I think the prompt might have even been "something about a tourist." Anyway, I started writing a story with a good idea of where it was headed. It's about: A reclusive girl steps out of her shell to meet a strange, pale tourist. I really liked how I started it, really liked the main character and her mother, and I thought it was going to be a simple write, but, unfortunately, I got writers block pretty quickly on it.

So, I put it down and worked on some other stuff. Finally, despite still having writer's block on it, I decided to just start writing again and force myself through it; figured it would come to me.

Well, it did.

And rather easily. With one tiny detail, I figured out where I wanted to take it ... which was a completely different direction and I think I just turned it into a novel!! HA! It's grown up and out of the constraints of the short story of it's own accord. Kinda scary since this isn't the novel I'm currently working on, or the one I had planned next. I meant it to be content for the website; just a little supplemental story to everything else I'm working on, but alas, it's taken over. Going to be interesting working on two novels at once. And I still need to prepare for the National Novel Writing Month that I plan on entering.

So, I'm trying to flesh the whole thing out based on this slightly expanded beginning to the story. Wish me luck and ignore that "coming soon" thing on my website. I'll have to change that soon.


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