Monday, February 20, 2006

Song ...

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Two posts in one day?!? Ohmigoodnesh!! ;o)

Today is Sunday and I've been workin' like a dog for the last several weeks, so I decided to take a little time to re-energize. Plus, I've really been wanting to get back into the Illustration Friday exercises.

This week's prompt was "SONG."

I've been listening to a lot of James Blunt and really loving it. Beautiful voice, romantic, powerful lyrics. But, most of his songs are reeeeeaaally sad. :o( Painfully, hauntingly sad, for a sap like me. One song in particular that gets me is "Goodbye, My Lover." It's a song about a relationship that ends too early and you feel like that really was the one for you.

Lyrics like "I saw the end before we'd begun..." - "I've seen you cry, I've seen you smile. I've watched you sleeping for a-while. I'd be the father of your child. I'd spend a lifetime with you." - "Goodbye, my lover. Goodbye, my friend. You have been the one. You have been the one for me."

Man, that's sad. :o(

So, that was on my mind. The sketch is of me (with current stage of beard, though, I kinda forgot the few hairs in my mustache) sitting in a chair in a lonely room, lookin' all sad, whistlin' that tune. Kinda goofy. Kinda melodramatic. Kinda true and kinda sarcastic.

As always, entirely Photoshop 7 and a Wacom tablet.

Thanks for stoppin' by.



Carol Roque said...

I love the sketchy quality of it. ..and the notes turning into that broken heart was a nice touch.

This is great!

HARDWAX said...

This is marvelous artwork, and really depressing-love it.

Anonymous said...

Really good work. I also like the transformation of the notes :)

Linda said...

Whats he listening to "How can you mend a broken heart" Well done!!

Simple as that said...

I started listening to James Blunt, my dad sent me the CD and I really like it. But beware when you listen to it on a rainy day, it is sad indeed.
Cool drawing!

Molly Lawless said...

great drawing. love the texture and the mood..

AscenderRisesAbove said...

Wonderful illustration; matches the mood of the song and it's effects.

I really want to get that James Blunt cd but keep forgetting when I go the the book store. Thanks for the reminder; good to know the entire cd is worthwhile.

Anonymous said...

i like the shadow and texture use. it's like his soul is sitting in the dark.

even though the character is cute, this piece has a moody quality to it.

i like. i like.

F L E E said...

Always been a great fan of sketchy drawing with visible strokes.
Nice work!

RAY DILLON said...

Thanks, everyone! I appreciate all the kind words. Glad you like it.

And, yes, you should definitely get the James Blunt cd. Fantastic stuff.

Thanks again!!


Queen Tut said...

Nice illo, glad I found you.

Unknown said...

You really gave him (or you) a sad look of dispair. great sketch and i also love how you did the music notes.

Dana S. Whitney said...

These days, a little sad singing goes a long way with me. After just a few bars, I'd rather crank up Beethoven's 9th! Nice site/art. Lots of common reading interests. I like Gaiman (his writing more than the graphic novels... they keep me confused... I like writings with illustrations... but not illustrations where the writing (sort of) explains the pictures.... Did you ever read Natalie Babbitt's The Devil's Storybook (vol 1 and 2)? I'll be back.

Ai Wu said...

I also like song and sometime i sing .