Saturday, February 25, 2006

Best Mom Ever!!

Renae De Liz is the best mom ever! She puts so much work and passion into making things special for her son, Tycen. She built and painted him a cardboard castle for his room, made him a awesome Spider-man suit for Halloween, and now this for his birthday:

*Click for larger version in new window*

She doesn't think it's all that big of a deal. No matter what, she thinks she could have done a better job or done more to make it even more special, but I (and everyone else that's seen what she does) find it absolutely amazing.

Click to see more of his birthday

I did the colors on the Incredi-Tycen piece that got printed on his cake and made the little sound fx bursts, which is why I'm posting about it here. You may have seen the previous post about it here.

I'm happy to say she will also be here in Kansas visiting next week. Can't wait!!!

Thanks for letting me help with all this, sweetie!! ;o)

*UPDATE* -- Here's the lucky little guy:

Wow. That is one happy boy. Ha! ;o)


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