Thursday, February 09, 2006

Why ain't you be updatin', foo'!?

I know. I'm a stinker. Well, I'm just super busy.

. Just finished lettering Noble Causes #18.

. Coloring a back story for an upcoming issue of Image Comics' "Fear Agent."

. Really needing to get caught up on my other coloring projects. Both graphic novels: "Nothingface" and "the other one I still don't have permission to talk about"

. About to start a really cool sketch card project that I can't tell you about, but will hopefully be able to soon.

. Also about to start lettering a book called "Pencilneck"

Been doing some other random things like inking and whatnot. Will have previews of that sort of stuff soon.

So, I'm swamped again. Especially through March. It's going to be a tough month.

Oh, and I haven't set up my own gallery of these yet, but you can now view ALL of my Lord of the Rings: Evolution sketch cards online at!! Just look for my name and let me know what you think.

Back to my workout. Have a great day, ever'body!

And thanks for stoppin' by.



Mark said...

Busy is a good excuse.

Becky said...

Miss you, but we understand. :)

Diane R. Lozada said...

Always i appreciate your post guys .