Thursday, April 30, 2020

Pretty weird caricature of actress #SissySpacek from a photo drawing prompt by The Unflappable @brentaengstrom Sorry. #Drawing #Sketch #Caricature #Actors #Horror #illustration #PencilArt #Pencil #Comics #ComicArt #Art #sketchbook

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

RIP to my dad, Dale Alvin Dillon, 1941-2020. He had been a paratrooper in Vietnam, a singer, guitar player, professional writer for a time, artist, woodworker, avid reader, auto mechanic, cattle wrangling cowboy, gardener, cook, fisherman, bowman...lots of awesome things BUT he spent most of my lifetime working from 3am-6am as a newspaper carrier and from 7am-3pm as a hotel maintenance man, to support his family. He never missed a day of work, especially those newspaper that had to be delivered even on Christmas. When he was off work, he would drop everything and drive me basically anywhere I asked, the park, the comic shop, library, soccer practice, baseball practice, wrestling, band, went to my concerts, a million other things. Now that I'm a father of 4 I realize he had a superhuman amount of patience. I have pretty severe ADHD and was more than a handful growing up, talked nonstop (he always seemed interested and happy for me), broke every window in our house with a soccer ball, broke his tools, tied string all over the house to make a Spider-man inspited web labyrinth for him to go through after a long day at his manual labor job, just to name a few, and he never lost his temper with me, never seemed annoyed or anxious even. When I started drawing seriously and getting into comics he made sure I had what I needed, even if he had to make it himself. We didn't have much money but he used what he had on me and found a way every time. He even let me take over half the small house we lived in to make it an art studio. I owe so much to him. And I hope he knew how much I appreciated him. I can't believe he's really gone. I knew he was old and it was a matter of time but he still seemed immortal to me. He was a superhero. Love you, Daddy. Miss you forever. Also pictured here is my mom, Judy. She passed away several years ago now. But their love story is pretty wonderful too. They had a rocky relationship at times (who doesn't) but they're love for each other was never a question. They had been together since their 20s and stayed together through lots of hardships that taught me that everything will be okay in the end. Love you, momma.