Sunday, February 19, 2006

"I'm THIS many!"

Hi, all!

This is another collaboration between Renae De Liz and myself. This time an invitation to her son's third birthday. She did the drawing, I did the inking, coloring, and lettering.

*Click for Larger in new window*

You can also view a poster version here.

Her plan is to have an Incredibles themed birthday party next Saturday. She'll have the poster, a balloon arch (which sounds awesome), and cut out sound fx hanging from the ceiling. I'm really happy and excited to be a part of such a cool thing for Tycen's birthday. She's gotta be the best mom ever. Wish I had parties like that growing up. ;o)

On other things, I'm almost done with one coloring project, so I can get on the other two. Got that new card project starting in a couple of days. Just not enough hours in the day... especially when I've piled too much on myself... back to work ...

Thanks for stoppin' by.


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