Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The Premiere of "Monkeyboy!"

The newest of the Golden Goat Studios Webcomics is Brent Engstrom's "Monkeyboy!" Brent is a good friend of mine, living in my hometown. He's been working on developing and producing strips and comics of Monkeyboy since High School. Since then there have been a few books published, hundreds of strips for the K-State newspaper, and even a short in Image Comics' and Erik Larsen's "Savage Dragon" comic series.

The latest incarnation, I'm proud to say, is this weekly updated webcomic. I just finished working up the site and getting everything working over there. We'll be updated every Tuesday:

Also, check out Mark Winters' "Glimmer," updated Sundays, and Aaron Weisbrod's "Nightmare World," updated Thursdays.

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Chris said...

Hey Ray!

Keep up your great work!



Chris Noeth

Vong Chong said...

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