Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Inking and Coloring notes...

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Did some quick notes for a friend on anatomy, inking, and coloring, and I thought they might be helpful to others as well.

Here I'm pointing out the trapezius and deltoid muscles. When people say they want a shoulder rub, they're generally speaking about their trapezius muscles, which aren't part of the shoulder (deltoid) at all. So, that's just to clear that up.

Next, I show one of the things that can be done to show depth in inking. Making the lines thinner near the light source and thicker on the other side of the object is a great way to bring the pencils to life.

Finally, for depth in coloring, I'm attempting to show that cool tones (blue, purple, green) recede while warm tones (orange, yellow, red) stand out. So, putting a little bit of purple in the shadows of the girl in this pic allows her face to pop forward a bit, or her hair, etc.

Hope that makes sense and helps someone out there. When I saw these things for the first time it was a pretty big breakthrough for my art.

As for what I'm working on, well, I'm back to coloring on my projects and just finished lettering Noble Causes #17 (great issue, pick it up!!).

Thanks for stoppin' by! ;o)


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Alyssa said...

Love your Coloring notes .