Thursday, January 12, 2006

10Eastern Journal Project...*, an online drawing site, started a journal project where the sketchbook is passed around the globe to artists from the site. I happened to be one of those artists and recently got the sketchbook. Brent Engstrom, Golden Goat member and Beard enthusiast got me into it. He did a couple of pages and here are my couple:

*Click for larger version*

Pencil and marker.

Really cool to see what people around the world do.

I tried to do something that would encompass my work, sorta leave my thumbprint. Got some LOTR stuff in there, some superhero, monsters, and a dramatic, stylized piece sorta like a comic cover. Playing around with style and color.

Anywho, let me know what you think.

Thanks for lookin'.


* has some REALLY graphic stuff on there, so be careful. *


Don Tate II said...

At a conference this weekend, I saw so many things that would accomodate your comic book style. Great stuff you're doing.

Ray Dillon said...

Hey, thanks, Don! I appreciate that. What kind of conference was it?

I need to get caught up on your blog. Been so swamped it has been hard to keep up on my own.

Thanks again!

Betty said...

Great project done here . So nice .