Monday, March 20, 2006

Jeremy Fiest's "8 a.m."

This is the film we shot on John's boat in Marina Del Rey right before the San Diego Con last year. Jeremy (director) and Jordan Gray (editor) did a great job in taking it in a different direction than anticipated and it gave it it's own flavor. John Robert Johnson, who also produced, gave a fantastic performance. This is our first glimpse of something from their new film production company, Tornado Alley Entertainment. It's not quite finished (some sound tweaks and whatnot), but close:

I'm credited for sound. I pretty much just held the boom mic and tried not to fall asleep (I was exhausted). Oh, and I ran around town buying props (which were incredibly difficult to find in LA). Think I maybe ran the camera for a few shots. Anyway, it was a blast.

Check it out and let me know your thoughts. You should also visit the Tornado Alley Entertainment MySpace page or the GGS message boards to let Jeremy and John know what you thought!

Thanks for stoppin' by!



Anu said...

Wow... you are one amazingly talented person.


Ray Dillon said...

Hey, thank you very much, man. I appreciate that.


LDahl said...

Ray this is so cool, I've got cable now so I could watch it! YEAH!
Thanks for posting it. Jeremy and John both did fantastic and I love the sound/music.
Great job guys!
(is that the boat John was staying on?)

Lixue Tseng said...

Wonderful to see your post .