Thursday, March 02, 2006

Holy cow, I'm on ebay! - LOTR Sketch Cards


This is nuts! The LOTR cards are starting to arrive in stores and already they're getting up on ebay: Me on ebay

So far most are only set for $.99, but here's one for $24.99: Me on ebay for $24.99

There was another one on there under Ray Dillion (extra I), but they corrected it as I was posting this. But, if you're interested in getting one, you might keep that in mind.

And this is pretty cool. The highest priced card so far is from one of my favorite LOTR Sketch Card Artists, Rafael Kanyanan, for $311: Artist selling for a lot more than me no ebay

This just makes me feel cool. ;o)

I don't get any of that money, but it'd be cool to see those bids going crazy.

Anywho, thanks fer lookin'!


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