Friday, March 31, 2006

Published! - My first prose short story...

Hey, all-

Most of you know me as an artist, but, if ya didn't know, I also write.

Wanted to let you know that my first prose short story has been published by the online literary magazine, Angel Atrophy Magazine on MySpace!

And the accepted story is here:

"Hot and Cold" by Ray Dillon
- 2861 Words; Thriller/Adult -
Synopsis: Brian's conscience teaches him a lesson he'll never forget.

This is the first recognition I've gotten for my writing since the literary magazine "Papercuts" back in High School and ... well, I hope none of you track that down. ;o)

I feel pretty good about it even if it's not ink on paper, because it feels like a good start. Someone out there liked it enough to highlight it, so someone down the line (if I spend more time submitting...) might like it enough to print it.

I've written 4 novels, three children's adventure, one adult thriller, an all ages graphic novel, and several short stories in prose, comics, and film. Working on editing and developing them.

Anyway, go check it out if you have some time and let me know what you think.

Thanks for reading!


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