Friday, March 24, 2006

Wizard of Oz sketch cards!

Yippee!! My newest project (the one I've been hinting at) is Wizard of Oz sketch cards for Breygent and Warner Bros. And I'm psyched!

I'm hard at work on 'em, as there's very little time left to get through them all (not sure if I'm allowed to say how many). The best part is that a bunch of the Golden Goat Studios members are working on them, too. Mark Winters, Renae De Liz, Josh Ross, and Brent Engstrom are all wizarding up some cards alongside me (actually, I think they're all beating me).

So, go to this link for more info:

In other news, we've inducted a new Goat into the studio:

Renae De Liz, an incredibly talented artist with a flare for making her characters live and breath. Go read all about her and help us welcome her to the studio.

Thanks for stoppin' by!


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