Thursday, October 13, 2005

Finished "Donuthead"

darkI finished reading "Donuthead" by Sue Stauffacher. Love that cover by C. F. Payne! This is a fantastic book. Really unique characters who really come to life. The strange bond between Franklin Delano Donuthead, a nervous, parnoid kid with an obsession with safety, and Sarah Kervick, a rough and tough bully from a trailer park, is brilliant and sweet. They help each other through a tough time and a little growing up. Beautiful ending. Really sweet.

I can't emphasize enough how alive these characters feel. All of them. From the school bully, to Donuthead's mom, to his younger, tag-along neighbor kid, to Sarah's dad, and on. I would love to see this made into a movie, or a cartoon series, or anything. I think kids (and adults) could really enjoy the adventures of Donuthead and Sarah.

I'm now reading "Shattered Mirror" by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes. She's 21 or 22 and already on her 7th novel. So far, this book is really fast paced and exciting. I like the concep a lot. For more info, check out her site (with blog), and her Random House Site.

I also picked up "Colorado Kid," the new Stephen King mystery from Hard Case Crime, which I'm excited about.

And, I got "Hatchet," the classic by Gary Paulsen. I fell in love with that book as a kid and have been itching to read it again.

Now, back to writing. Only a few more days before I'm supposed to be done with my current novel and begin the preparation and outlining for my NaNoWriMo Novel. Eek!!


Becky said...

So how is the writing going? Haven't seen much this month about it. So hope things are going well, and not too busy.

RAY DILLON said...

It's chugging along. Got caught up with some deadlines. I'm supposed to be done by tomorrow ... I'm not as far as I meant to be ... I'm gonna have to work pretty hard to make that ... and I'm not sure I will.

I also have some projects to do over the weekend, and a family reunion tomorrow. So, life isn't making it easy.

Which is why I'm getting off the internet now. ;o)

Thanks for askin'. Have a wonderful day.

WCTs said...

Hey Ray....take a quick break & post your 20 random things....this originally started with Carla!

Tag you're it...
Lyn's blog


RAY DILLON said...

Gah! This isn't a quick break, this is an all day task! Do you have any idea how long it will take me to think up 20 random facts? I get block when people ask me stuff like that.

Thanks a LOT!! ;o)

I'm going to have to do that for a future blog or something.

Gayle D. Oneal said...

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