Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Draw online with 10 Eastern!!

Hi, all!

I had a great new site passed on to me:

It has an online drawing program that allows you to draw with different layers, brushes, techniques, and colors, then publish it instantly on their site just by clicking SAVE. People can then comment on your work. There are different categories like Black & White, Color, Horror, etc. and each category has a different drawing system. It's really quite addictive. I've only done a couple of quick sketches on there so far, but there are a lot of talented artists doing really in depth pieces, from pixel art, like the old nintendo games, to much more detailed work. And it's not using a Flash system, like other sites. I'm not sure what the coding is, but it's pretty awesome!

(These are .png files, so I hope you can view them okay. If not, let me know, and I'll upload some jpg's)

Here's an example of some really good work by my friend and studio mate, Brent Engstrom (who goes by "poopmustache" on there for some reason ;o):

journal project They also have a great journal project going on where they send the sketchbook around the country and have people sketch and pass it on. Really fantastic, inventive site that I think is going to be pretty huge! I'm really impressed with the system over there. You HAVE to check it out! ;o)


elegraph said...

hey, i checked this out - it's pretty cool! thanks for passing it on.

RAY DILLON said...

No problemo! It is a great site.

Leslie said...

Exceptional drawing this . Love this so muhc .