Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Chapter 30!!

darkBeen slacking on my bloggage lately, so here's another.

Yes, I have finally made it to Chapter 30 (31,000 words) of my new kid's fantasy novel (ooh, for those of you paying attention, that's a tad more info). As I mentioned in my Dillon Family Reunion blog, I had a very inspired day, so most of that was written yesterday, finishing up the last bit tonight. I'm really excited about the last few chapters.

They took an interesting turn -- still staying on my outline, but taking a different path from point A to point B. And that slight change in direction found me feeling very at home with what I wrote. What I mean is, it felt like a new piece of my journey as a writer fell into place; the style, the setting, the mood, everything felt very unique and very ME. Not that the rest hasn't, but this REALLY did. ;o)

So, that made me very happy and excited.

Now, if you've been paying attention, you'll know that I'm very off schedule. My plan was to be done with this novel on Oct. 15th (3 days ago) so I could begin preparations for National Novel Writing Month. I was very uninspired there for a week or so and tried to fight through it. I made it, but it put me behind. On top of that, I have some new projects starting. I'm a little worried for next month, but not crushed. I am going to try to finish up the rest soon anyway.

On the other projects side, I'm lettering Noble Causes #15 and a Noble Causes Christmas Special, which I'm very excited about. A really cute story illustrated by Gabe Bridwell.

I'm also about to start coloring a hardcover graphic novel of mythology for a kid's publishing company. The key word is hardcover, because that will be my first. Graphic Novels don't often get a hardcover treatment.

And some various other stuff, but I need to get to bed, so I can get my days and nights flipped back around ... again.

As always, thanks for stoppin' by and keeping me inspired. Have a splendiferous day! ;o)


Becca said...

interesting...how did you find my blog?

RAY DILLON said...

hehe. I must have looked up Salina on the blog search. That's where I am, too. Hello, neighbor! ;o)

Mou said...

i gather that you are are a seasoned writer. how long does it approx take for you to actually write a book? please reply at my blog.

RAY DILLON said...

Hey, Mou!

Thanks for stopping by. I'll make the trip over to you board.

For others, the answer is...

How long does it take?

- That depends, but I like to write about 1-3,000 words a day, everday, if I can manage it. On the weekends, I try to dedicate to writing all day and getting as much done as possible.

Currently, I'm trying to write a book in one months time. That'll be a first for me. Others have taken 1-2 months.


- Not incredibly seasoned, no. I'm currently writing my third and fourth novels NaNoWriMo started before I had a chance to finish the third one. None of my novels have been published yet, though. Haven't really taken much time to try getting them published yet. I want to feel comfortable with my work first.

I've also written a bunch of short stories and a few graphic novels which I'll be illustrating and publishing soon (hopefully). That's my regular field.



Lindsay said...

You guys ,
I appreciate your Chapter 30 .