Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Dark, But Shining...

Click for larger versions.

darkThe horror blog, "Dark, But Shining," is having a contest to win some free horror comics. These are a couple of quick entries I worked up. The prompt was a "visual representation of their name." I guess mine are more of a "dark, but glowing" style, but whatever. That's what popped into my head and it was just for fun.

So, go check that out. But, even cooler is their coverage of all things horror for All Hallow's Month. From movies to comics to books and more, they've got some really good content going everyday of this month. Halloween is probably my favorite holiday (maybe tied with Christmas), and this site has helped get me in the mood. I sound like an infomercial. ;o)

Okay, back to writing. I just needed a little break. Have a good day!

* Update: Hey, I won! *


Becky said...

BTW, the my son Trent really likes the top picture here. He was walking by as I was reading, and said, "Mom, go back, I want to see that again. I really like it."

RAY DILLON said...

Ha! Awesome. ;o)

Suzana said...

How amazing ! Thanks .