Thursday, December 15, 2005

Drawlaxing the Hulk...

hulkClick for larger version

Ah, drawlaxing. It's a term (I think) I've just coined. It's drawing something that's not related to anything when you're burnt out from drawing a project. Drawing to come down from drawing. And the Hulk is a great character for that. Not a lot to him but big muscles.

I spent last weekend in Great Bend with my sister and her family. It was my nephew Orrin's fourth birthday, he and my five-year old niece, Dawnstar, had a Christmas program (which was a beautiful thing), and I had court for that accident (read this if you don't know what I'm talking about). Just had to show that I did have insurance at the time and pay a little fine. Was pretty scary being in a packed courtroom with a bunch of people up for assault, armed robbery, and drug charges, but, thankfully, it didn't take long.

I also took my twelve-year old nephew, Seth, to Chronicles of Narnia!!! That movie totally ruled! I've been a huge fan and Narnia has been a huge influence on me since about third grade, so seeing this version of it was just amazing. If you haven't seen it, go right now! ;o)

Anywho, now I need to get to bed so I can really dig into the LOTR cards tomorrow. Still have 250 to do. There's also a new Lord of the Rings: Evolution Sketch Card website now, too, where you can see some of the official sketch cards. I'll have some of mine up there soon.

Okay, off to bed I go. Thanks for stoppin' by.



The Mad Alaskan said...

Get those cards done. man!! I need Nothingface colors!! :D

Cary said...

I had to laugh about your court appearance. I had the exact same thing happen to me a few years ago when I went to fight a ticket. The guy in front of me on the docket was a rapist and led into court in chains and a little red jumpsuit! Needless to say I spent his entire hearing thinking about paying the fine and leaving with all due haste! You would think they could have different courts for different offenders!

The sketch cards look great by the way. Pretty cool project.

Dennis West said...

Ahh, drawlaxing! Sounds like a good term! Drawlaxative... not so much.

I saw Narnia too and was impressed by how true to the book it actually was. I was also relieved that it was very much a family movie... Kind of like LOTR on a kid's level. My daughter loved it... as did I.

Great sketches!

Ray Dillon said...

Whoops. Never replied here. THANKS, GUYS!! I always appreciate the comments. Love 'em!

Oh, and I got my cards done and I'll have them up soon.

Leila Cocci said...

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