Sunday, December 25, 2005

Christmas Beard & Dad's Geetar!

Welp, no matter how old I get, my folks always want to get me presents, so I gave them enough and pointed them in the right direction to get me a new digital camera (and a little extra for stocking stuffers; my mom loves stocking stuffers). I've missed having a camera so much.

So, here come some pictures:

First up, the Christmas Beard!!

Click for Larger

(Didn't get enough sleep last night)

Secondly, I am so, SO glad this gift idea popped into my head. My dad used to play the guitar all the time while I was growing up, but about 10 years ago he pawned it off to help us through a rough spot.

He was really surprised and as soon as he got it out of the package, he went right into "I Walk the Line" by Johnny Cash. It was really wonderful.

Here's my daddy:

Click for Larger

I'm hoping to sneak some video of him soon. :har:

Hope you're all having a great day!



The Mad Alaskan said...

I like the beard, dude! Definitely makes you look older...kinda reduces the "baby face" thing. ;)

And what an awesome present idea for your pops!! Very cool.

eDuke said...

Yeah, it makes you look different, even though the goofy face helps a little. Ha! And, dude, you want us to click it to see a larger version? It's already pretty large!

Anonymous said...

You are very VERY cute.


Ray Dillon said...

Ha! Thanks guys. Yes, I'm very young and I know I look even younger. Thanks for pointing that out ... again. ;o) At least I have pupils!! (avatar joke)

Ed, you know you want even larger pictures of me, so's you can make posters and hang them up on your wall and idolize me. I'm a celebrity. I'm better than normal people. Probably the coolest person I know.

Mark, (I hope you're the Mark I know) thanks! I'm glad you ... think I'm cute. ;o)

Peace out, Napoleons.

Anonymous said...

I don't know you. I wish I did though.

Ron Phillips said...

Hah ... Ray's got a boyfriend.

Scary beard. For new years I shaved my face ... no more moustache.

LDahl said...

Goat or Grizzly bear, you be the judge!!?! Lets see the feet!!!

Your Santa is awesome! Glad you got the guitar for your dad, does he let you touch it:)))

Mark Winters said...

Oddly enuff, you look good in a beard. I never woulda guessed it!

Ray Dillon said...

Thanks Mark (the one I know)!

Wow. So good to know that dudes like my beard. Thankfully, I know at least one girl who likes it to balance all that out. ;o)


. said...

Have you ever made any comic book iillustrations of yourself?

It would be really fascinating to see what you could do with this bearded picture.

Ray Dillon said...


Actually, yes I have. I've drawn myself into all kinds of stuff. Even some stuff for this blog.

However, I've yet to draw me with the beard.

Hmm ... I should do that.

Thanks for the ideer! ;o)


Josefa said...

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