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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Blue... better late than never...

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The latest for Illustration Friday based on the prompt "Blue."

It's also based on Beast from the X-Men. If you didn't already know, Beast is one of the new characters in the upcoming movie X-men 3! Go check out the new teaser trailer here. It looks fantastic. I can't wait!

This was done with Photoshop 7 and a Wacom tablet (as with all of my work).

Let me know what you think!

Thanks for stoppin' by.



irvine said...

ohh uncanny!

Queen Tut said...

Wonderful work, great expression and I good work on the hair. Love it!

carla said...

This is excellent...I love your use of light on dark and the crosshatched shading. He looks quite beastly!

Dee said...

oh, he's one of my favorites! Good work!

Holly said...

Super duper! You are a talented fellow. Well done. I actually watched the trailer to that yesterday.

Toni said...

love the use of light behind him and great texture in the piece.
I'll have to find out more about the X- Men.

LDahl said...

So this is what you look like after writing a novel in a month?!!

Cool one Super-Ray!!
I am still so proud of you... You rock!!

ValGalArt said...


Tony Sarrecchia said...

Excellent job!

YildirayCinar said...

very good piece.looks organic!!!

Ray Dillon said...

Darn. Another batch of comments I didn't get a chance to reply to until WAY late.

I did read them, though, and I always appreciate them. Just been really hard keeping up on my blog lately.

So... THANK YOU!! ;o)


Compudito said...

I found your site by accident and it was one of the best treat of my day! Your work is a great way to indulge the eye!

Keep it coming and keep drawing! We don't draw but appreciate the people that do!


Leila Cocci said...

How excellent job . Glad to see your such professional task .