Wednesday, January 26, 2011

THE LAST UNICORN Hardcover Collected Edition!

Pencils by my wife Renae De Liz. Inks and Colors by ME! Published by IDW Publishing. Based on the novel by Peter S. Beagle.

This book is really special to us. It was my wife's favorite movie as a little girl and inspired her in huge ways. We got the opportunity to work on this book right around the time we got married, found out we were having a baby, and wrapped it up shortly after our son was born. Renae was working on it all through the pregnancy. We even moved from Kansas to Maine while working on it. It was an epic adventure in our art and in our real lives.

** If you use that Amazon link, it will attach to our Amazon Affiliates account and we get a few cents for each book sold. Not much but still helps our family.

And please help spread the word! We hope to do a lot more projects like this and creator-owned projects. The only way to ensure that can happen is by making this book a big success. Shop owners and fans, please do what you can to get this book in your local store! Great all ages book!

To see more previews of the book, go here:

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Scott and Annacaye said...

Ray, I found your blog by chance and I must say, you and your wife's work on The Last Unicorn is spectacular! This book (and movie) has always been one of my favorites as a young girl and even now. Your work is right on the money! Very very well done to you both.

Ray Dillon said...

Thanks so much!!!! So glad you like it. It was my wife's favorite movie as a little girl. In fact, it's a huge reason why she became an artist. It's amazing to see her come full circle.

Hearing from you means the world to us. Thanks for sharing!

Nipa said...

Really your post is very awesome , Thanks .