Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Illustration Friday - "Sorry"

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Here's the latest for Illustration Friday. The prompt was "sorry."

I drew this a month or so ago. Couldn't think of a better example of when I've felt sorry. Can't tell ya the story behind it (too personal), but you can use your imagination. ;o)

And, as you can probably tell, I'm back from the trip to Oregon. Along the way I drove across the Golden Gate Bridge, saw Alcatraz, drove through a tree, visited Trees of Mystery, and all sorts of fun stuff. I'll post pictures when I have the chance. Some great ones.

I'm back in Salina, Kansas now in the new house and office. Life is good. Busy, but good.

I'll get back to posting more frequently soon. Thanks for stoppin' by.



buep said...

Great work!

Janie said...

this sketch has nice energy and line work, good job! J.

HARDWAX said...

i love the dunce cap and looks like the cell phone is your last hope at finding a possibility of forgivness from whoever is waiting on the other end, great sketch, your face says a lot-hopeless.

faeorain said...

This is perfect! I love it. You came up with a great idea, and portrayed it perfectly.

Ellen said...

Nice piece, Ray!

Courtney E. Lahr said...

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