Monday, April 25, 2011

TMNT: Dawn of the Ninja Page! New FIGHT SCENE!

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Written by Jeremy Fiest - Blog - Twitter - Facebook
Produced by Luke Keith - Site- Twitter - Facebook
Painted by ME (whoever THAT is)

We have this book in the hands of ALL of the people that can make it official, and they're behind us, but might need a bit more convincing. THE FANS can make this happen! If you like what we're doing, and want to hold this book in your hands, let the world know it! Spread the word all over the web, conventions, anywhere you think might help. If they hear 20,000 or a MILLION of us screaming DAWN OF THE NINJA they'll hear it!!! Thanks so much for your support!

IDW PUBLISHING now has the rights to do TMNT comics! Let them know you want to see DOTN at IDW!!

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Mony said...

Like you new fight scene creation , Spanking .