Thursday, April 28, 2011

Charlamange: King of Franks, Emperor of Romans, Wearer of Beard!

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Preview of a short I'm illustrating for a book called "BRASS TEAPOT" created by Tim Macy and Ramaa Mosley Visist:

To learn more about Charlamagne, GO HERE! I'll update this post as I get clearance to. Stay tooned!


Jeff Welborn said...

Man, too cool! I love all the angle you chose. Your camera is all over the place and that makes things interesting. How did you get that speckled effect in the background?

Ray Dillon said...

Thanks, man! Speckle effect come form a few places. A speckle brush I made, and also using a gradient on dissolve mode. I'm testing it out right now. I haven't seen how it looks printed. Might be too tiny of dots to work.

O'tosin Supergal said...

beautiful photos.. i love them

So-zany said...

Nice your works .Heeling happy to see such post .