Friday, December 17, 2010

On My "Desk" : Pgs 117-120 "Silicon Dragon" GN

(Click for close up)

This is a horror/action graphic novel "Silicon Dragon" Written by Tom Sallah, Adapted by Jeremy Fiest. I've been drawing a few pages at a time for a few years now. These are the 4 pages on the desk right now.

I'll be pencilling, inking, coloring, and lettering these pages TODAY, so check back in for progress shots.

Here is the page that came before this sequence:

UPDATE: Pages 117-120 pencil/ink/color/letter by me!

UPDATE: Colored page 120

UPDATE: Colored page 119

UPDATE: Colored page 118

UPDATE: Colored page 117

UPDATE: Drawn/Inked page 120

UPDATE: Drawn/Inked page 119

UPDATE: Drawn/Inked page 118

UPDATE: Drawn/Inked page 117

Thanks for looking!

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Betty G. Green said...

These are looking awesome . So feeling glad .