Saturday, December 11, 2010

ISLAND TALES: Pikoi the Rat-Killer - Colors!

Pencils, Inks, Colors, & Letters (to come) by Me.

Island Tales is a comic anthology based on folklore and mythology from the Pacific. Some stories are adapted from traditional stories while others are modern retellings of the classics.

Created by our great friend Stephen Smirl. He's a genius and one of the nicest guys in the universe!

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I pencil, ink, color, and letter digitally in Photoshop CS5 with an Axiotron Modbook (Apple Tablet Computer)

You can also see Island Tales work by my wife, Renae, and I. She pencils 'Pono Loa' and I ink and color.

I will be doing a ton of work for Island Tales, so stay tuned for more! And please spread the word! Let your comic shop know, share it on your social networks. Help us make this something special! Thank you!!

Thanks for looking!

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Christine M. Jones said...

What a creative creation . You have a great thanks .