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Thursday, April 29, 2010

TURTLES: Dawn of the Ninja - Graphic Novel PAGE 1!

Here it finally is! Page 1, painted by me for the fan-based graphic novel TURTLES: DAWN OF THE NINJA, a gritty, realistic approach to TMNT.

Here is the original layout sketch for page 1:

And here is the layout sketch for page 2, coming as soon as I can:

Follow for more! And visit the DOTN website: http://www.DawnoftheNinja.com


Ed said...

This is amazing. Did you do all the coloring in Photoshop?

Ray Dillon said...

Thanks for checking it out. Yes, I do all of my work, pencils to colors in Photoshop using an Axiotron Modbook (basically an ipad, but way cooler!) http://www.axiotron.com

Ed said...

My girlfriend is a traditional artist, and she is really impressed too. I just started coloring a web comic a while back and she helps me with shading. This has a sort of impressionist quality, which I love. I aspire to be this good someday.

Travis Eck said...

This looks AWESOME, Ray! When will this book be available?!?

Richard Lloyd said...

Nice layout,flow's well,impressive..love a modbook..

Emily Maltby said...

These drawing and painting are very creative and professional also .