Sunday, March 01, 2009

New ongoing digital sketchbook!

Haven't updated in quite a long time, but I've been working a lot. Been doing more with MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, DeviantArt, etc.

Some Updates:

. I've got a new computer, an Axiotron ModBook, which is basically an Apple Tablet PC. I draw directly on the screen now. It's amazing!

. I'm on Twitter now if you want the fastest random thoughts from me ever! ;o)

. Because of the portability of the ModBook and ease of use (basically feels like carrying around a sketchbook) I've begun doing 15 minute warm-up sketches. I'll post a couple below, but to keep fully updated with them, add me on MySpace, Facebook, or DeviantArt, or join the forums.


Adult Braces said...

No sir, you totally rock! Was cool watching you work live!

Janet R. Keene said...

All of these painting are exceptional . Remove White Background

Jo K. Mattson said...

All sketch and painting are very attractive .