Monday, November 12, 2018

RIP Stan Lee :( He could have been 195 and it would still feel too soon. He was the heart and soul, face and voice; the father of superhero comics. Can you even imagine what a huge hole there would be in pop culture if Stan had left comics when he almost did. Right before Fantastic Four took off?? This man made ripples that spread across the whole globe and will continue to way beyond any of our lives. Hell, his legacy will probably traverse the galaxy with the generations to come just like his Marvel movie cameos. In fact, he's probably in another dimension or out among the stars now cooking up another grand adventure. He'll never really be gone. We all owe so much to him. It was a surreal pleasure to draw him here and even be considered for a project with him. And every time I saw him it was an honor and a delight. He seemed to genuinely care about every single fan, creator, and person he met. I've heard tons of creators say it, I'm sure I have to "I want to be the next Stan Lee!" But no one could ever fill those shoes. There will never be another Stan Lee. We were all lucky to have him and owe him a lot. Thank you, Stan! EXCELSIOR!!

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