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Sunday, March 04, 2018

On the LEFT is my final cover art for #BrooklynGladiator by @danfogler (Fantastic Beasts, Europa Report) that I did last year, and on the RIGHT was my first go where I went totally off the rails from what he was after for this?! Made a character a literal monster instead of just a giant human. Normally I don't let myself get that carried away on something until I know for certain that's what the client wants but this time I just went for it. Learned my lesson. Anyway, go check out that book and keep an eye out for this in Brooklyn Gladiator Vol Zero in April! And maybr as a cover later on. Been doing a LOT of covers for a lot of different media (novels, games, movies) gotta catch 'em all, Ray Dillon's art! #Art #artoftheday #Drawing #Comics #Cover #CoverArt #Illustration #Boxing #mma #fight #Brooklyn #gladiator #danfogler #FantasticBeasts #HarryPotter #OtherHashtagsAsWell (uh, I'm not the first to use #OtherHashtagsAsWell? Wow! Ha!)

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