Saturday, March 03, 2018

Artist AND Company Spotlight! I can't find who did this but I got this @duluthtradingcompany catelog in the mail and every page is illustrated beautifully! This is an artist not just drawing to get a paycheck but to be a great artist. Inspiring! He even drew just underwear and socks by themselves throughout. Really impressive. If you're out there and see this hit me up? Also, wow #duluthtradingco I wasn't very familiar with your company other than the name but this grabbed my attention when it normally wouldn't have at all! No offense, but I throw basically all catalogs and ads directly into recycling. Whoever had this artistic idea deserves a raise! I mean it made me want to purchase your products AND want to be the next artist to do art for your catelog! Bravo! Call me, Duluth! #Art #artoftheday #Artist #ArtistSpotlight #WhoIsThisArtist #Drawing #Illustration #clothing #fashion #catelog #socks #shoes #clothes #boots #shopping

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