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Saturday, May 26, 2012

BORDERLANDS 2 Art! - New IDW Comic Book Series! Borderlands: Origins

It has been announced so I can now SUPER announce it! New 4-issue series Borderlands: Origins coming from IDW written by Mikey Neuman (the writer of the game) and featuring bonus covers by yours truly!


Pencils, Inks, Colors by some handsome genius named Ray Dillon!


Mouse over the pics below for more awesome Borderlands info including pre-ordering Borderlands 2 and the special additions like Ultimate Loot Chest Edition and Vault Hunter's Edition

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Victor, o Metal said...

can´t help but notice someone was forgotten...

Ray Dillon said...

HAHAH! I've gotten SO many comments about that. He ... had to go to the bathroom, alright!! JEEZ! Way to embarrass a guy!

Okay, okay, I promise to never draw a picture without AXTON in it! I don't care if I'm drawing Superman, I'm putting AXTON in every single panel to make up for this horrible mistake I've made! :D




Vincent said...

Beautiful ;)
I've just discovered your blog and I will come occasionally ^^.

Lipy said...

I appreciate your painting reason these are professional .

Robert Smith said...

All arts are beautiful. Thanks for sharing with us