Monday, October 25, 2010

"S.E.A." Graphic Novel & Movie

Project I'm painting & lettering.

ABOUT "S.E.A.": A bio-weapons scientist driven underground by NATO violently reemerges to take back his stolen research even at the cost of relinquishing his last connection to humanity - the crudely bio-enhanced soldier made from his dead brother.

Some of the cast of characters:

"Betrayal is the birthplace of revenge."

Sketch to Paint

Tools: Photoshop CS5 & Axiotron Modbook Apple Tablet Computer

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JK_Woodward said...

I love how you successfully merged cartooning shorthand with a sort of dark photo realism. Not an easy thing to pull off.

Ray Dillon said...

Hey, thanks, man! That's nice of you. Glad you think so! Still forming my comic book painting style. Trying to keep it quick enough to do monthlies.

Maria said...

Impressive these Graphic Novel & Movie , Thanks .