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Monday, May 19, 2008

Illustration Friday - "Wide"

* Click for larger *

Took a few minutes to work up the newest Illustration Friday from the prompt: Wide.

This one was a tough one. The really broad topics usually are. My brain shut down and all I could think of was a wide head. Kinda looks like Stewie from Family Guy or Arnold from Hey, Arnold!.

But, I do love a good wrinkly, oddly-shaped head painting. So there you go. ;o)

Hope you enjoy. Thanks for stoppin' by. Have a good day!



Brine Blank said...

Looks like a character redesign...90 year old hey arnold...funny...

johanna said...

looks a bit like dobby from harry potter too :) wonderfully drawn!

Pinot, Dita, Arwen & Leia said...

or maybe gollum (lord of the ring) when he's very very very old.. :D
nice painting!

neil said...

Hi Ray

It kind of looks like a fisheye view of an elderly man. If he ever laid on the ground he would run the risk of having his head kicked between the goal posts! Really nice work, well done.

Shelley said...

Wonderful always you have done here .

Robert Smith said...

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