Friday, January 19, 2007

Back to writing! + Wolverine!!

Hey, all!

Kind of excited about this, so I thought I'd share. After several months (almost a year!!) I'm back to work editing the novel I wrote last year for NaNoWriMo. Life has been crazy this last year, so the only writing I've done has been a short story or two. I kept putting off anything bigger until yesterday when I just decided to start editing one chapter at a time. I finished chapter three today and, thankfully, so far I like what I'd written and am feeling very optimistic. It's sort of a dark, weird, horror/fantasy book (but not swords and sorcery type of fantasy). It's a new year and I hope to get this sucker polished and submitted.

In other news, Renae and I recently had our 1-year anniversary (not married yet, but together a year just the same). Click that link for pictures. Love you, Renae! ;o)

Working up samples for some exciting new card sets coming this year. Hope I get 'em! Hooves crossed!

I'll be attending the New York Comicon next month where I hope to meet Stephen King (*squeals like a giddy school girl!*) We're also looking for roomies, so anyone thinking about going, let me know.

Finally, here's a marker drawing of Wolverine that will soon be up on eBay for sale (I'll update for that):

*Click for Larger

And that's all for today. Gotta get to coloring. Thanks for stopping by and have a fanstastic day!



louie said...


haha, not but seriously, that's a bad ass looking wolverine!

carla said...

Whoa! He's superly heroic and scary! Those claws are awesome in every sense of the word. Fabulous piece!

BORNST said...

I like the torn of a mask, adds a nice touch.

danedawg99 said...

that's done with markers?!?! O.o

wow. post more!

Anonymous said...

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Eva Kyte said...

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