Sunday, April 23, 2006

Wild Isle! : step-by-step!

Here's a piece I just finished for the game Wild Isle (nothing on their site yet).

*Click for Larger*

All Photoshop 7 and an Intuos II Wacom tablet.

Here are the steps:

First Pencils
Second Pencils after getting some great critiques from Renae De Liz
Inks in progress
Close on Tiger
Close on Mad Scientist
Inks in progress 2
Close on Elephant
Inks in progress 3
Close on Bear
Final Inks
Flat Colors
Colors in progress
Colors in progress 2
Colors in progress 3

Let me know what you think and thanks for stoppin' by!



Lou said...

WOW! So cool. Thanks for walking us through the progress of the piece. Looked good at every step!

Ziyue Chen said...

awesome details. :)

Anonymous said...

I thought that I would borrow a few of your pictures. I thought this one was cool!

Anonymous said...

very nice!

Have you ever done work for white-wolf gaming studios?


Anonymous said...

Hi there i just want to say that that is a great looking piece. Also i was wondering if maybe you could help me as i am trying to figure out a way to design a mascot for my Company. if you would be interested in helping me i would greatly appreciate it. please contact me at thanks Andrew McCoy

Grace B. Valerio said...

You have done here a creative work . So nice .